I caught my first Lugia!

I got my first Lugia and was a Shiny!!

Also I catched her with the first ball.


Congrats! Lugia hasn’t gotten to our town yet, but we hope to catch him in the morning. Hopefully Shiny version.,

How rare is the shiny?

Lucky!!! I tried for two today first raid didnt have nuff people so didnt even beat it. Second one got a way.

Lugia is harder than rayquaza and mewtwo. >_<

Going to do both Lugia and Mewtwo today. Windy weather, my day is almost conplete

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My rule of thumb: if its harder than rayquaza, its unbeatable.

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Awesome…I’ll trade my six regular lugia for it :wink:

Now, if only it was somehow useful…

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Got my first today. Not a Shiny. My daughter got her first and my son caught 2!

as a note shiny lugia will be 100‰ catch rate

just caught a :100:

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Yup, we did 15 Lugia raids today each one that was caught was done so on the first ball, the Lugia didn’t even fight. Out of 15 raids 10 people got shinies, the most at one time was in the second raid of the morning when 3 people (myself included on my valor account, missed him on my main Mystic) caught him as a shiny.

Shiny Lugia has 100% Catch Rate even tho the circle is Red. :slight_smile:

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What is lugia shiny rate

My guess in 1/25, but there’s no proof of that

Since its probably written in bits, I guess 1/32?

1 in 2^x. 32 is definitely possible. Perhaps 1 out of 16

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They are 100% catch rate … so if you don’t catch shiny on first ball you can’t throw :slight_smile:

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I’m thinking 1/16 just because I have seen multiple people get 3 shinies in a row, and if the odds were 1/32 the likelihood of that happening even once would be insane. Also it took me 17 Lugia before I got a sparkle, but I know that means nothing.