I can't claim my Stamp for the day?!?

Its May 24th, and I can’t claim my stamp??
Yesterday, it was May 23rd for me. What do I do?

Small ask: You mean you can’t do the tasks (because they suck) or it really doesn’t work and you collected some rewards for completed tasks, but go no stamp?

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I have every morning the same effect. I have to enter my diary, and when I go back to see this screen of stamps, then the circle of the day is continuous, and I can complete a task.

You need to complete a quest to get a stamp

I allways let at least one completed for the next day, so I am shure to get the stamp during breakfast. But allways I have to enter first my diary for being enabled the stamp of the day, because this provoces an actualization.

You wont get a stamp if the circle isnt full

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What circle?

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Are there 7 circles in the above part? :roll_eyes:

The circle with 1-7 must have a full outline and must be a bit brighter than the others

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What I mean is that I did complete a quest for that day, and it didn’t gave me the daily stamp. I did multiple quests, but I got nothing

It happened to me once, that I claimed the reward before the outline of the circle of the day was full. They give you the reward, as if you have done anotherone before, but the stamp doesn’t comes up.

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