How went your Mareep CD?

Mine went extremely bad. No shiny in about 75 catches. Walked 1,5 hours (badly not 3 hours). So I thought: Am I the only one who’s got so unlucky? I hope yes, but how went yours?

I will let you know later

You’ll be upset that I got 3 on the Go Plus in 40min slow drive home as all enthusiasm for Pokémon evaporated after a very disappointing Ex Raid.
That was the extent of my Community Day Play.

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Caught a lot, but not one shiny… :disappointed_relieved:

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I know how that is

Shiny Mareep is as rare as an Unown to me, and now I don’t have it, it’s even more rare than Unown😆

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And the same happened to me the day of Bulbasaur

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I’m proud I have 3 Ampharos and 100 Candy


Two Pink bois:
wish there was no 1 MB limit…

Had a 96% shiny run on me because I was on auto pilot & used the “quick catch” method without thinking. One of my mates caught it just after it fled me :joy: Also caught the same amazing mareep with my gf at the same time.
Not a bad day overall though.

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I got 8 shinys, and 3 consecutive ones


167 Mareep total caught in 3 hours. 6 shiny (all bad IV). 1 normal 100%.
Finished it with a 2208 Mewtwo 30 minutes later. Not great but i already have a good one. I had fun today, overall very statisfied :smiley:


My community day went great, not just for all the shinies but also for all the people i met. I didn’t go to London for this one, and expected to be the only person outside but i counted at least 30 people, from as young as 6 to 60.


I’ve missed all of the community days due to people repeatedly trying to break into my house :frowning:

Mine starts in ten minutes

I wish you fun and luck☘️

Lots of mareep so far. No shiny tho.

EDIT: 3 of them! Now have shiny male & female ampharos!

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My only regret is that I ran out of pinaps.

But finally got Dodrio!

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Got a few shinys

I ended up with four…all caught in the first hour. Then nothing the final two hours. I wonder if the shiny rate decreases the later you go

Overall it was fun…the decreased egg distance wasn’t that great. You had to walk the eggs you had incubated before the event at their normal distance before you get the shorter distance.

Unfortunately I only caught one shiny and it was bad IV, but at least I got 5 dragon pulse ampharos