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How was your special field research day?

Well done!

I HAVE a Level 15 Feebas with 117 CP but it is a 98%. Even the in-game Appraisal says that. And I’ve heard multiple people saying they’ve encountered a Lvl15 117CP 98%, too.



Valor gets the best!

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Right, Stamina and Defense count for so little that its actually the same CP when its 15-14-15 or 15-15-14.
Sorry, didnt think that would be the case.

Exactly, from my screenshot you see there 3 different 117 cp versions. That is where appraisal is important. If it tells you, Attack + Defense + HP is amazing it’s a 100%.

Another way of trolling players by Niantic.

I won’t do anything for it (that’s what I mean)


I know that CP117 can be 100% too. All I was asking was if he was sure that it was a 100% IV Feebas.

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I’m watching a dogs way home in 8 minutes then going to lunch lol so maybe one task

Gave up 90 minutes before the end… all the pokestops around the village where i live, didn´t had the Feebas quest. Only got one from a distant pokestop, the one that was nearby, didn´t had it. So i returned home. The feebas was a normal one with 94(hatch 1 egg).


It’s not mine lol.
I was only able to do one task but I really tried

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this was all from today except the 96% one


Wow cool shiny

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Yea but just 1

33 quests completed. 6 shiny feebas caught, best was a 96%.

Was with a group and we focused on stacking quests so we could game though then efficiently. Good day for me. The others in my party caught 4 and 3 shiny feebas, plus managed a shiny swablu, shiny groudon and a shiny taillow while we were out.


Well, it seems our whining atleast saved the American and Asian regions RD then. Cause 6 out of 33 is astronomical compared to what we had here.


Were you with @PhilosophyLady ?

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0/1 for me but I really tried

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