How was your incense day?

Yet another topic in the how was your … series. How was your incense day?

I only ran stink for 3hrs and let the Ho Plus do all the work. My priority was farming an Oshawott nest. Manual catch all Oshy and let the Plus pick up whatever else.
1 Fang Fish for 0 effort.

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I have watched the incense for 2 hours now, captured some Pokemon, and captured a (normal) Sableye, which is a ghost type. Captured some water Pokemon and finished the hoenn throwback challenge

Forgot to mention I Go Plused a Scraggy too. No idea if others got away.

I used 2 incense, got 1 shiny Carvanha, 2 Scraggy and 2 Alomomola.

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Incense Day wasn’t too bad. Only played the dark hours and got four Scraggy and a Green/Blue Piranha Fish as a result for doing nothing but staring at my phone. The only bad thing was that I almost found more Purrloin than Carvanha. Also I really hope the Incense spawns will be doubled and the Incense duration reduced by a half next time they do an Incense Day though. That’d save a LOT of time for the same amount of encounters.


Good grief, if I see one more of these stupid water weedles (tympoops) I may puke. To their credit, at least they only come during water hours – the spinning toothfish have been here the whole time.

Postlogue: I’m incensed. (Sorry for the groaner pun that was worth only a weak smile; but that’s the only smile I got all afternoon.) Incense event was aotal waste of time, Pokéballs, and incense. A ton of worthless spawns. Zero shinies. Most disappointing ‘event’ ever.

The whole event, two phones 0 shinies. Either I have the worst luck or Niantic hates me. Worst shiny drought I’ve had since the release of shinies

Edit: the day turned around, managed to catch a shiny wurmple and it evolved into Beautifly (which I needed)

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So Tympole was the Water version of Dark Cat? Because Purrloin was almost more common than Carvanha.

Around here Carvanha easily outnumbered Purrloin, at least by a factor of 2, probably closer to 3.