How was your GO Fest?

It’s the day after… How was your GO Fest? With or without ticket, let us see your shinies and other great catches, ticket holders, show us your Unown, regionals, your new shadow legendaries…
I will post later (need a break), but I’d love to hear about others’ experience.


Not great for me to be honest. So far not worth the ticket price currently - we’ll see how the bonus weeks go.
1 shiny unown was all the shiny luck I got.
The quest line on day one was a bit meh to put it politely, and day 2 rocket quests seemed better but still didn’t wow me.

Maybe my expectations were too high, I didn’t see l hardly any new spawns compared to normal really which is what disappointed me most I think.


Got tons of great Pokémon and some dust, so quite successful
But… Now I gotta get like 1.5 million dust to actually max everything out, and there’s no way Im getting that until the end of the year


It was hard work!

26 shinies - some great, but a fair smattering of trash too. Even though I missed out on Heatmor, Durant and Qwilfish luckily Mrs celery got extras so we can trade👍. Gible and Seviper managed to elude us both.

Shadows and raid legendaries had dreadful IVs. Mewtwo 78%, Victini 73%, best Dialga 75% :expressionless:

Full haul…

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I don’t have the on-site experiences to compare it with, but I had fun. 17 Shinies, 1 new hundo, got to try out new battle teams against the more difficult Legendaries out there.


Mine was great.
Day 1.
Caught a couple of things at home.
Went for a 45min drive out in the country. Played a round of Golf at one of my ex Home Clubs and caught up with members and friends haven’t seen for 15-20yrs.
Got home before 6 in time to go out for dinner at our favourite Italian place in the city. Then went gym bashing from 8pm - 2am in the morning.

Day 2.
Slept in.
Got up in time to watch Footy Show (AFL) then have some lunch and watch what ever Footy game was on TV.
Opened the game a few times and caught some random stuff.
Mowed the lawn and did some random things in the yard before dinner time.


Day 1. 3 shinies. Completed quest early. Went home and continued to catch Pokémon all the way until the end using incense.

Day 2. 4 shinies. Got a late start because my son wanted to sleep in. We still finished the quest really easily and we went home. I still continued to catch stuff using incense right until the end.

Hope they do stay at home again next here because it’s not worth it to drive to Chicago. I bet Niantic made more money doing it this way.


I was playing in my town. I went out on my bike. I visited every Poke stop and Gym that I could. Incense was on all the time. I used starpiece occasionally. I didn’t use lucky eggs. My goal was to catch as many Pokemon as I could. I used pinap berries on rare Pokemon. I don’t have any auto catchers so I did all the catches myself. I didn’t do any legendary raids on Day 1 because friends list was laggy and buggy, it wouldn’t show who was online properly so I had to scroll down and the timer would almost run out when I finally invited people. Also nobody invited me and I didn’t want to waste time with that so I gave up. I already have many Groudon and Kyogre. So I did some Timburr raids. I got 2 new Pokedex entries: Rotom and Heatmor. I tried to participate in global challenges whenever I could, but it wasn’t always possible. During the second friendship habitat, where we had to send gifts, I couldn’t play the game because of the lag and I couldn’t log in for about 15 minutes and when I was in the friends list was empty all the time so I couldn’t send or receive gifts. The shiny rate was incredibly low. I had higher expectations knowing previous Go Fests where everybody got tons of shinies. I expected at least 10 shinies per day. I played for hours, but I couldn’t find any shinies. I saw people putting their shinies in Gyms, but for me nothing. Then finally after 6 and a half hours I got my first shiny from incense and it was Gible! Later I got 2 more shinies: Roselia and Ponyta, all new shinies for me. I also got 100% IV Aron from the research.
Here are my results for Day 1: I got 172,500 XP, around 170,000 stardust, I caught 477 Pokemon (I made several short breaks), I hatched 19 eggs (my adventure sync was somehow turned off by the game twice so I lost some distance), I did 19 Gym battles and 24 research tasks, I got 3 shinies and 1 hundo. All in all, I really enjoyed Pokemon Go Fest 2020, it was fun and exciting. This was my first Go Fest and I think it was very good. I loved the rare spawns, Unown, Rotom photobombing, regionals, the research, challenges and bonuses. I didn’t love the lag, game crashing, friends list not working, low shiny rate. Hopefully, Niantic will improve and repeat Go Fest like this next year.


I got a shiny pokemon which was nice. And it was new.

What was it?

I had that draft sitting here… sorry for posting that late…

For me it was OK, but I had expected more to be honest,
The habitats on day 1 contained quite some trash, but of course I am aware that with a spawn pool of 15 Pokémon per habitat hour not every single one could be an exciting one. But why would they have those starters spawning yet again? Those costumed Kanto starters were cute though.
I caught 604 Pokémon on day 1 (I did a lot of shiny check then GoPlus, so I hade a high flee rate, I have no idea how many Pokémon I have encountered). I got some shinies, even one of the two Unown forms. But 10 hours of playing and 11 shinies is not too great, considering the recent Community Days…
First day’s special research was more of a “hey, here are your 10 incense, but you need to keep playing, k?”

When I heard about day 2 being a Rocket take-over, I first was quite pissed. I had stacked up on balls and trashed most of my revives and potions, so a Rocket takeover was the last thing I needed.
At least the spawns were an ok mix of the day 1 spawns, so 10 more hours of shiny checking (caught less than day 1 though).
I did not play too much of the Rocket takeover, (they had made them a lot easier to win, so the revives and potions were not a problem), only those bosses and Giovanni that were needed for the research, then only those grunts that had interesting types (looking for a good shadow Machamp…)
Shiny-wise I was dissapointed by day 2, but my shadow legendaries and Victini from the research were quite nice.
My shadow Mewtwo is a 96%, and of course I immeadately TMed Frustration away, as long as it was possible. I’m quite thrilled for this beast… Not sure what moves to give it in the end, but I have 2 Elite Charged-TMs ready, maybe I’ll make it a Shadow Ball/Psystrike…

I also did some Dialga and Palika raids all around the world (including UK, Chile and Brasil) with friends who invited me. Day 2 tunred out a bit better than expected in the beginning, but so short after a Rocket-themed event I’d have preferred a different “surprise event” for day 2.

Alltogether it was a nice event, but if I’d have to think of a fair price for the ticket, I’d have charged 10€ instead of those 17€ (including taxes) we euopeans had to pay.

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Day 1 was exhausting so I decided to take it easy on Day 2. I made longer breaks, incense was on all the time and since the Pokemon were mostly the same (minus several good ones like Dratini) and Team GO Rocket balloons were coming all the time, I could play at home for several hours. I tried to get more shinies this time. I was shiny checking everything that I needed. I battled Team GO Rocket trying to find as many types of shadow Pokemon as possible. Shiny rate was terrible again, but I got my first shiny earlier than the day before, 4 hours and 44 minutes into the event. And it was a regional Pokemon Heatmor! Raids were a huge part of this day. I coordinated several raids via Discord. I wanted to get all the legendary Pokemon I didn’t have: Giratina Origin, Dialga and Palkia. Remote raid invites and friends list were working a bit better than the day before. I was invited to 2 remote raids (thanks @Brobraam) and caught both Giratina Origin and Dialga. Dialga even had good IVs! I wanted to get another Giratina so I tried to invite people to my Gym, but not enough people showed up. Friends list was still not showing all the people online so I again had to scroll down. Then I gave up and focused on Palkia raids. I wasn’t able to find Palkia and then I went home for lunch. I found people on Discord going for Palkia. They invited me, but unfortunately I couldn’t catch it. Nobody else was doing Palkia raids so I looked at Gyms around my house and there was one Palkia raid ongoing. I remotely joined with my main and my second account and invited people on both accounts. I finally had a group big enough to defeat Palkia. But there were only 3 golden razzberries left in my item bag! I used regular razzberries, silver pinap berries, but I couldn’t catch it. Then I used a golden razzberry and finally caught it. As a cherry on top it had great IVs! I was relieved. Then I had to focus on the research which I prolonged waiting to use up enough Poke balls so I could get 100 as a reward. I had about 3 hours to finish the research. I knew I could finish it at any time, but I made a goal to finish it before the end of Go Fest. So I went out again looking for Team GO Rocket leaders. I found Arlo and Sierra, but I couldn’t find Cliff because Arlo and Sierra kept appearing. The clock was ticking. I finally found Cliff and then it was time for Giovanni. He was easy to beat as the other Team Go Rocket leaders. I got great IVs on shadow Persian, Moltres, Articuno and Mewtwo! I finally got shadow Articuno and Zapdos as I missed them when they were introduced in the game. I also got a great-IV Victini! After that all that was left to do was to catch 20 different Pokemon. It was almost 7:59pm when I tapped on Alolan Exeggutor and it was shiny! I knew I had to catch it before 8pm because it wouldn’t be shiny then. I was lucky to catch it a few seconds before 8pm since it remained shiny!
Here are my results for Day 2: I got 86,655 XP (I didn’t grind that hard), around 103,500 stardust, I caught 230 Pokemon (longer breaks, shiny checking, raids and Team GO Rocket battles took away time from catching), I hatched 13 eggs (I spent several hours at home), I did 7 Gym battles and 23 research tasks, I got 4 shinies (Heatmor, Squirtle with a Pikachu visor and 2 Alolan Exeggutor – all new for me), no hundos, but great IVs on legendary shadow Pokemon, Dialga, Palkia and Victini.
My results in total (Day 1 and Day 2): 259,155 XP, around 273,000 stardust, 707 Pokemon caught, 32 eggs hatched, 26 Gym battles, 47 research tasks, 28 Team GO Rocket members defeated.
Day 2 was also great and even better than Day 1 in some respects. I loved Team GO Rocket invasion and the research and the rewards. I didn’t love that shiny rate was terrible again and friends list wasn’t working properly when inviting people to raids. I’m glad I bought the ticket for Pokemon Go Fest 2020 and I look forward to similar events in the future.


First hour was fire habitat. I got 2 shiny Alolan Marowak! It was a new shiny, since I didn’t get it at Go Fest. The spawns were exactly like in the Go Hub article. I mostly caught Litwick and Darumaka. Unown G and O spawned from incense, but it was said on Twitter that they couldn’t be shiny. Second hour was water habitat and then it started to rain heavily. I had to find shelter since I was out in the street. So for the next hour and a half I played from that spot. I had access from there to several Poke stops and a Gym, there were many spawns plus incense so I didn’t miss moving so much. I used this time to open gifts. I could open only 50 gifts and I got 50 rare candies. I didn’t get any shiny during that hour. After that the rain finally stopped and the friendship habitat was going on. I mostly caught Togetic and shiny checked everything. Then I got shiny Jigglypuff (new shiny) and Eevee. Snorlax was so hard to catch, even with golden razzberries and ultra balls. I found a 2800 CP Snorlax which ran away. I found several Pokemon with good IVs and hatched some from eggs. The event was OK, but it could have been better. I didn’t get the special box with remote raid passes and incense (although I only had 2 remote raid passes in my item bag).
My results: almost 52,000 XP, almost 75,000 stardust (I used starpiece most of the time), around 200 Pokemon caught, 4 eggs hatched, 13 research tasks done.

I was out for the first hour and played the rest from home. The only thing I wanted was a shiny Heatmor, which I got.
Hubby was pissed, he didn’t get a single shiny in those 3 hours, while I ended up with 3 (Marill, Houndour, Heatmor).
It was OK, not the great “oh we are sooo sorry” event many had expected, but I can’t complain.

Looks like I haven’t even shared my results for the actual GO Fest yet😅. Ah well, I’ll do that soon.

Yeah, Unown was Shiny locked for the first hours. :man_facepalming:

Fancy that, they stuffed the make up event for something they stuffed up during an event.
Niantic are in the comedy business as much as they are the gaming business.


Game crashed a lot. Now where’s the makeup day for the makeup day😂

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I didn’t do any remote raiding during the make-up event, because I preferred not to be squandering an extra minute restarting the game for each raid, just to escort it from the win to the “You Win” (which has been a regular feature / bug with remote raids for the last week or so).

Congrats to all those who bagged shiners during the Go Fest @#!&-up Event. :clap:
I played the whole time and got nuffink! Ho hum :expressionless: