How upcoming EX raids would look like?

Let me know how in your opinion EX raids would look like. For me, if current already announced concept that most of us hated would be added, they would be incredible difficult, and partially without sense. If only during catching Mewtwo we would have like 80 Premier balls (which are thrash by the way), or chance to receive one Master Ball before all of those raids, i would partially change my perception on those EX raids.

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I’m 2/2 catch mewtwo he isn’t as hard as the other legendaries

Mewtwo is pretty easy to catch, why would you take even catching away

Can confirm MewTwo is by far easier to catch than all other Legendaries, And has a higher catch rate than Dragonite/Tyranitar. Trust me, you will catch one in an EX raid

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Unless you suck badly at catching Pokémon

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That’s true, i’ve seen videos of people missing all balls on him before. It’s a little sad that they got an EX invite before someone like BrandonTan (check out his twitter, #1 PoGo Player Ever).

This dude is ridiculous, does he even do anything other than raiding? Does he even sleep? 1100 Raikou raids in one month?