How Tyrogue evolves

Welcome players, this post is about how Tyrogue evolves.
If you have a Tyrogue with highest stat attack(appraise and get “its best stat is attack”) then it will be a hitmonlee.
If defense is the highest stat, it wil become hitmonchan.
If hp is the highest stat, it wil be a hitmontop.

If 2 stats are highest it will be 50% chance for both, and if all stats same, you have a 33,3% chance.

Also Tyrogue is only in eggs,but you can get it’s evolutions in the wild.


Then u do something wrong

Yeah, but the evolutions are as rare as Dragonite and Tyranitar, I’ve only seen 2 Hitmonlee, 1 Hitmonchan, and 0 Hitmontop

I don’t think they’re that rare. I’ve seen a few Hitmonlee near where I live, and a Hitmontop despawned near me before I could get to it (it’s the last gen 2 Pokemon I need)

You probably live in a city that’s mostly cloudy then

Hitmochan was the last Gen 2 regular PM I was missing, finally could evolve one from an egg and the very day later I caught a wild one. Was the second I ever saw (first despawed in LV, not exactly a cloudy place). Got one Hitmonlee in the wild and never encountered a Hitmontop.