How trading would look like?

So, since i’m looking for getting one day some legendaries, and since i can’t really raid them, i start wondering, how trading will most likely look like? Let us know!

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People could very well just input name of the trading partner, the other guy would do the same and then they would select pokemon and confirm lol
Wonder trade could be easy as well

But you should only be able to trade for Pokémon that are on your level and under, so you can create multiple accounts, trade all the TTars and solo Mewtwo

I know quite a few people that created multiple accounts right back at the start in anticipation of trading one day.
Personally for me I have no interest in trading one little bit. If I don’t have something I’ll just keep playing trying to get it and if I can’t so be it.

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Trading will be interesting feature. I will need trading to finish my pokedex if they do not make a new way to get the legendary Pokemon. My area doesn’t have enough players to do the legendary raids never mind EX raids. We do about 1 raid per 3 months or so as a group because we are all busy at different times. What I see happening is one of us gets EX raid pass and gets there to be on their own. Or none of us ever get EX pass because e.g 5 people minimum have to do a raid at the same time and normally we never get that amount. Even when the time finally comes and we do get a pass, it might run from us and if it runs from even 1 of us then they won’t have it. This is why I want trading and wonder trading. Eventually one of us will get lucky and get some kind of hacked Pokemon from a spoofer. Quite excited actually…


I believe trading may not be a feature in POGO ever or it will be a long time, especially since we now have evidence of them willing to migrate regionals, legendaries, and with them having many events through out the year where rarer pokemon or older pokemon get high spawn rates even newer players would eventually get a chance at any/all pokemon just have we have in past year plus of playing. So trading is almost a mute issue then and if a new player could create an account and through trading instantly have all the pokemon just because of trading with people that is a big component of the game that is instantly achievable without going out in the real world to hunt for and capture pokemon in the wild, or do raids. For this to be even more of a mute point though they would need improvements in regular game play to get the people who don’t want to play to keep interest in the game, and improves to other features just as PVP, better raid system including EX.



You would need to have high enough level for the Pokémon

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