How to make your own Pokémon GO/ someone wants to help me?

I would like to make my own Pokémon GO. (I dont want it to earn money with this i just want ton do it for fun)
Someone knows how to do this or someone wants to help me?

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That would be a VERY cool, but VERY difficult project to undertake. To start, you have to know how to write Apple or Android programs. You also need to import the 3D pokemon models from somewhere. You would also need to know how to use mobile GPS/AR features, AND you would have to run a dedicated server from one of your own PCs.

It probably won’t work out, as there already is Pokémon go, and you would be copying. Not being rude tho.

I said i didnt even post it in App store or online its just a project for fun

Lets see what you need:
You need to be a good programmer
You need to get your own servers
What do you want to do with your game? Keep it the same, add items, Pokemon?

It wouldn’t be copyright violation as long as you’re not actually making profit off of it. Fan games are almost equivalent to fan-art, as long as you’re not profiting off of a pokemon game.


Im very creative so i would like to make my own creatures and i also love things like making spawn rates

That’s not necessarily true, there are hundreds of fan-made games for the core games and basically all of them are free. However most get taken down due to copyright infringement because they do not have permission from Nintendo or Game Freak.

You are better off making a hack off one of the main games and putting the Mon in
But either way, doing so has yet to be done by anyone I think, the best Ive seen was a Bob-omb

If you feel up to the task, I would go for it. I’m currently working on my own fan-game, too, actually for PC, and my advice would be: have patience. When you’re working by yourself, it will take a while. But if you have the passion, go for it!

How to even do it…

I would start by learning how to code for iOS devices or Android devices, you can probably find tutorials online somewhere.(It’s much easier to distribute your app with Android’s APK, so for a fan-made game, I would recommend Android over iOS).

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