How to improve Friends, Sending and Receiving Gifts - wishful thinking

Ideas for improving Friends, Sending and Receiving Gifts:

1) Add a message when your Bag is full of gifts like the message when your Bag is of objects: “Your Bag is full”> “Your Bag is full of Gifts”, or similar.

2) Increase the number of Gifts from actual 10 to almost 20, or more.

3) Add send and open Gifts options in Friendship window, something like this:

4) Add select several friends in Friendship window and send gifts to all selected.


I agree with these suggestions. A checkbox and then ‘send gifts’ would be great, it’s currently long winded to send gifts. I think the same could be done for opening them, hit twenty friends then open gifts.

I don’t see why gifts in inventory are limited at all, seems a very strange thing to limit in my eyes, never understood that.




And have the bag-full condition for spinning pokestops or gyms hook to the same bag-full behavior for gifts. i.e. offer to manage items, rather than make the player back out three levels, enter the items bag, and manage items… THEN return to the friends and gifts interface.

In the days of Object Oriented Programming there should be no reason not to do that, other than to use more of the player’s time and patience.


and add a green circle to players who are ready to receive gifts and haven’t had their friendship go up that day yet.

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Good point.

Although there is already a blue circle indicating the friendship has gone up that day; but there’s no way to tell for sure whether the friend is ready to receive a gift without going to each friend’s detail screen. (Like the second one in the screengrab below)

That arrow towards the right also on the second one tells us we’ve already sent a gift that day, but the lack of an arrow doesn’t necessarily mean the friend is ready to receive another one.

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Ideally it should go green circle -> grey arrow -> blue circle