How to get silver pinap berrys?

So I did the celebi quest line and got a few during last month’s quests but have noticed currently there’s no possible way to aquire them. Personally I’d like to see them as raid rewards and see reduced golden razz berrys. What do u guys think?


Oh, there is a way to get those elusive silver pinaps. The only way to get them is to complete the catch 5 fire type quests that seem to be showing its face less and less. Also, yes golden razz are given in large amounts, but you will always need them to save your Pokemon from gyms.

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In current month, I don’t see any quest that rewards silver pinap. Luckily I saved some from last month’s quests to catch Mewtwo


Complete quest

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Eventually you get 15 from the Celebi quest
…But it is in the 7th step.

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This month, the only way to get a silver Pinap Berry is to get the quest “use 5 Pinap Berries to catch a Pokemon”. I got one today. Currently got 60 of them thanks to last months’s quest. I only use them to catch the reward from breakthrough research (Entei, and now Suicune).


Oh given come across that quest at all this month!

Half of the month has passed, I have not seen the quest “use 5 Pinap Berries to catch a Pokemon” for even once. The silver pinap I had are all from last month’s quests and Celebi quest.

Why would you use your Silvers on these 2?
Normal Pinaps and either Greats or Ultras will do the trick as it’s a guaranteed catch. Yes, it may take anywhere from 1-10 goes if it wants to be a pain and bust out but it could do exactly the same burning a few Silvers. They are much harder to come by atm where as the others are easily replaced if you need a few.
Save the Silvers for things like Larvitar/Pupitar, Dratini/Dragonaire, Bagon/Selgon, Beldum/Metang and now Gible/Gabite.

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I just got this month’s quest for the first time, it seems to be quite rare.

Maybe we can get them from PvP battles once they are available? It doesn’t look like they will put them im raids, or they’d have done it by now…

I have got 2 total. Used 1 trying to catch Mewtwo.
I got 2 from CATCH 5 FIRE TYPE research quests