How to farm stardust now?

So with the old gym system I have 6 to 8 Mons in gyms at a time which got me 3000 to 4000 every 21 hours, yay this was good.
Now with this new system I currently have 4 Mons in gym all been the 24 hours plus and I got to dust :frowning: rubbish.
So people whats the best way now to get easy dust?

I don’t think there’s any replacement for the amount and ease of getting stardust from gym defenders before the update.
Now it’s down to:
Hatching eggs (biggest return at once, but takes a while)
Catching 'mons (100 per catch plus daily streak)
Feeding berries (20 per berry fed)

I’m guessing by effort/reward ratio the daily streak is now the best source of stardust, but it’s awfully limited. But since they’re still tweaking the gym update I hope they increase the dust rewards for feeding. That would also be a source of motivation to make sure you have friendly gyms near you.

Catch lots and toss berries. That’s all I can think of. I miss the biggest pops. They were obvious to see. But 20 cents a pop can become significant. Think about all the times you’ve chucked nanabs, or even others if you’ve had too much. NEVER again. Keep your teammates ALL happy.

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