How to easily catch legendary Pokémon?

I played Pokémon GO since it launched but I only have two legendary Pokémon, Is there a trick that you can catch legendary Pokémon easily?

I assume you really are talking about catching it, and not about finding groups or defeating it.

Yes, there are tricks to increase your chances. It all has to do with catch multipliers.

  • Only throw your ball after the boss attacks, it seriously increases your chance of even hitting him.
  • ALWAYS throw curved balls
  • always hit IN the circle, no matter the size
  • Aim for smallest circle possible, but hitting the circle is more important then a small circle and missing it.
  • PRO tip: set the circle to the right size (small excellent size), release ball and wait for raidboss to do attack animation. Quickly spin and toss the ball. Don’t just spin and spin spin and wait for the boss to attack. Your circle will remain the same size this way and you can chain excellents easily (had 4 in a row last night on a Rayquaza. (commonly known as the ProdigyNation tactic, although he didn’t came up with it but only spread the word)

Some are pretty obvious but i still meet people who don’t throw curved or after an attack. Their catchrate is awefull, but they say they don’t mind. We have people cathcing them without berries, with a straight ball ‘so why bother with the rest’? They catch 3 in 1 month where i catch 25…

edit: another obvious one i forget: golden berries!

Edit 2: i got another one! it’s a big one, huge tip! Here it comes: Patience.
Seriously though: take your time when throwing balls. I’ve seen people complain about ‘he got away again’ when i was still on my second or third throw. Patience is big in this. Some raidbosses are easier to catch if they flying low, or in the middle (kyogre). If those pokemon are not in their best spot to catch, just don’t throw and wait!


As stated up, always lock the ring on the desired size
Dont pick up the ball until the boss starts attacking, and throw it so that it hits the Mon jist as the attack ends, so he doesnt get off another attack
23/25 Excellents this weekend on rayquaza, super easy