How to earn coins in an urban area?

Im going to an urban area your pkmon will get kicked out in 2 min
How to earn coins
Pls reply fast im only there for 3 days

Put in as strong Pokemon as you can. If you’re still in a rural area, and haven’t gone yet, add as many pokemon to gyms as you can before you go. But look for high level gyms with 3-5 pokemon in, and put something in there. It’s unlikely to last for 8 hours 20 but it should at least return coins.

Alreadyy there
And i got kicked out of rural gymz

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Feed them golden berries

Pff, it’s really tough. Expecially near big parks or landmarks, these areas tend to become highly competitive. I don’t even see the point, since you can Golden Berry for 30min, but once you’re done, you’ll get kicked the same way.
Try to find a more “distant” area form these spots. I myself, play on a big park 15min away from home, but when it comes to holding gyms, I go to the opposite side, searching for common streets. It is still normal to go a week or so without earning a single coin. I don’t even have max pokemon storage, 2 years later!

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I got licked from full gym in 1 min…

You will need to place your strongest monsters in multiple locations. I did that last week and it worked fine. Before I left, I also loaded up on my local gyms and they got me coins the first two days of my vacation.

Constantly check the mons and use only golden razz to feed them up when they are red. It really annoys people!

once my Starmie got kicked from a gym in lless than a minute

I’ve had that happen quite often. Usually when I take a gym near a bus stop or train station.

What I’ve done on a local gym to get some color on it’s medal. Put in an expandeble. Watch the gym closely, kick out the first to go in. Put in an expandeble and repeat. The gym is now close to good so it’s a good resource point.

Im not there anymore

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