How to dismiss notifications (or just move them out of the way)

Recently the notifications changed from a single-line on black-background text box widgets to different-sized on white-background text box widgets.

I’m totally indifferent to which look is used; but the new boxes block more of the game display, and with all the friendship-related notifications, it’s like watching debug-trace statements… every time friendship level changes, every time someone sent a gift, how many items were in every gift a friend opened from me, etc).

It’s like an app equivalent of being stopped at a railroad crossing while a long train passes one car at a time, though, and often I want to see what is behind them on the display (e.g. item bag count in the items screen or the radio box widgets for sound-effects, battery-save, etc. in the Settings screen).

I tried the finger-swipe method of closing apps or windows, but that opens the full recent-notification list, increasing the obstruction instead of removing it.

*** How can I dismiss the notification to see behind it? Or how can I skip to the end of the current notifications? If I really want to see them I can view the list in my ‘News’ screen…

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Sadly we can’t skip it. You could always recommend @5GodLink to email Niantic about this.


Thanks, y’all. I’ll see what I can glean from Niantic about it. Will share here whatever I learn from them.

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Thanks for refferring to me as “ya’ll” :sunglasses:

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:embarrassed: Quite the versatile pronoun for 2nd-person singular AND plural that’s hard not to pick up (and hard to shake) after spending a couple of years in VaBch a long time ago.

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