How to decide which pokemon is better for attacking/defending gyms?

Hello, i have a newbie question. How to decide which pokemon is better? Is there a ranking somewhere? Should i only look at att and cp stats for attacking gym and for def, hp and cp stats for defending gym?

Veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery long story very short:
Attackers: Machamp, Mewtwo, Tyranitar, Dragonite, Raikou. Those are a few good ones.

Machamp is pretty easy to come by if you can do level 3 raids (soloable, but if youre low level you might need more people).
Honestly this question is so big… Theres like 20 articles you could read about it and not read the same info twice.
Attack stat and CP are important, but you also need to take typing into consideration.

For defenders its a bit more easy. And i happened to stumble on a guide thats sufficient:
Gym Defenders
But because defenders degrade over time, it doesnt really matter THAT much wich you put in a gym. If youre going to actively defend it: Use Blissey.


Thank you for your answer.
Is there a way to decide which stat is better for defending - stamina or defense?

Generally pokemon with higher HP stat under their name are better for defending.


Just use blissey for defending and you will see the light.


i am 23 lvl and never saw even chansey so idk how everyone have blissey :open_mouth:

Chansey has been boosted in events a few times now. Either you can hatch Chansey from a 10km Egg or from a Research (don’t know which one).

Chansey does appear in the wild too, but it’s a rare one.
I caught one a few months ago. I was in a biome where all the Partly Cloudy Pokémon always appear, even when the weather wasn’t Partly Cloudy (which it mostly was, though).

Blissey does also appear in the wild, but it’s not hatchable and neither obtainable from a Quest.


It’s hatch five eggs
@devirt basically you have to choose the attacker based on their types and movesets. The ones listed above are good generalists, but I recommend to get more versitaile team where each one are specific against each type.

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Whenever you see Chansey in the wild, try to use pinap to catch her

Valentine’s Day Event boosts them for two days, Chaney and blissey. They also have appeared at my house :sweat_smile:. I live at a place where many Pokemon spawn but no stops in my kilometer range.:grin:

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Better fill up the item storage whenever you can

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