How to deal with hackers

After all, hackers are the newest public enemy. What anti-hacking measures could Niantic adopt? You may comment it below.


Been discussing with people, it seems that Niantic have been focusing on the death of Trackers. Do you remember when the servers died? Niantic literally ripped their API’s to shreds and rebuilt them. All to stop Trackers. Even if you don’t like what they’re doing now, that’s still a ridiculous amount of commitment.

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How come their speculations are true! It’s time consuming and develops grievance from Pokemon GO community.

By the way, what would you suggest to deal with hackers, @JoshHack?

Personally, I wouldn’t ban them all together. If they choose to do that, they would lose a sizeable chunk of the playerbase. What I would do is go after the apps they use, seeing as they don’t have permission to add joysticks to the game.

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They’ve already done it. It’s too late.:slightly_frowning_face:

What about the others? How to deal with hackers?

More advanced API’s and VPN’s and just stronger cyber security in general. Sadly, it’s very easy to hack and very hard to stop it.

In my opinion, Niantic may set a code number on every account. Whenever you login your account, you are required to enter the code. The code will be sent to players through gmail or PTC (I don’t know how it works) and display on players setting screen inside Pokemon GO.


this would take too much time, imagine that there’s like 2 minutes left on OP raid and you only have to catch raid boss, but you had to transfer pokemon to leave a room for it, but the game crashes. You would have to go through all of that gmails, or even ptc account to get code, and bam, you losed chance for something great.


To be honest, the idea doesn’t sound that bad except…you can hack the game without ever knowing an accounts name, password, etc: Look at Google account, all you need is the email address and you can change password, email, etc.


Great advice @Elevatorisbest, then what is your opinion?

I don’t know. I just clicked on that topic from curiosity and just noted flaw in your idea, but thx

If there is one thing in ALL programs, it’s that they aren’t completely secure nor without faults. It’s sad to say it as a professional of informatic, but there is no way to change it. It’s inside of the proper mathematics, that you can’t make a program without fault.

You can make it harder to brake, like everytime larger passwords, put security-servers in between, change your access every week, …

But nothing of this really leave you at the sunny beach without danger. We are working with programs, hardware and “programers” which aren’t made for real security.


Conclusion: Spoofers will track down the security system one day and the situation of hackers can only be alleviated.

Exactly, the only against both is, that the “Bad Guys” need time to do their work (and it’s not little work), and the “Good Guys” can change the security systems and passwords with frecuency, so you destroy every time their advance.


And as @JoshHack has said, there are services which you really never have to use for serious things, like Google, Instagram, Facebook, etc. I have never had an account there with my real data, it’s imposible.

Or still more bad, people who use their mobiles to control the bank-accounts. It’s like letting the door open, and the money in a table…

Hmm… Pokemon GO has been hacked many times. The Pokemon GO security system is pretty weak.

Our gmail data is not safe at all.

There are not enough resources to make it better. And for to be at the save side of the law they call it still Beta, so there are lesser responsibilities

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Who knows are we going to be the next @JoshHack? Hackers must be taken down in some aspects.

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