How to Catch legendary dogs and birds from generation 1or 2

Some players which not captured legendary dog like sucine or legendary birds like articuno.Is there any chance or method to captured them right now or in future?

right now, No.
Further down the track, don’t know but you would have to think they will be recycled again at some point.

That means their raid come or not.

There is no way to get suicune right now. I hope for a quest system in the future where they bring them back

I think they will return…possibly after all of gen 3 is released. I don’t think niantic wants there to be a time with no legendary raid bosses. The longest time we’ve had since July when there was no legendary was the one day between ho oh and groudon

I’m sure there will always be a Legendary to catch on a rotating basis. Niantic will want to keep selling those premium raid passes.

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If there raids are not come then how we complete our pokedex?Because if suicune,Raiko,other legendary from 1 and 2 are not come then it is not possible to complete our pokedex.So request to ninetic please restart there raid I want to complete my pokedex.

It was possible to get them, they dont have to have them all at once so that some people can finish their dexes

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