How to call a Shadow Hundo, or whatever combination

It’s time for a topic about this guys. So I called my Purified Hundo Weedle “almost a Shundo” - Shadow and Hundo - not really knowing what other name I could give it, and a whole conversation started so I’m moving that to here, so the “How many/which Perfect Pokémon do you have?” topic stays on topic.

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That’s not called a shundo but a shondo

Well whatever lol. I’ll call it a Shando then. :joy:

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Would you mind explaining that to people who haven’t the foggiest idea of what you mean (like me)?

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“shundo” shiny+hundo (a shiny 100% iv pokemon)
“shando” shadow+hundo (a shadow 100% iv pokemon)

aklthough shundo’s are more talked about, and that unofficial term has been there logner than shadow hundo’s , shadow hundo’s could also be contracted to shundo. But then the term is no longer unique to one state of the pokemon. that’s why i came up wiht the term “shando”

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Thank you very much.

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what about:

  • shadow+shiny+hundo
  • purified+hundo
  • purified+hundo+shiny
  • purified+hundo+lucky
  • purified+hundo+shiny+lucky

I give up there. I’m just going to call it a Lucky Hundo Purified Shiny Alolan Rattata if that is ever going to happen (for me). Would love to have one😂.


I’ve never gotten a shundo, but I do have:
1 shandowary
A few hundified
And loads of hunky :grinning:

What’s that - Hundo Stunky?


@Jormdeworm :rofl: Darn it - so close!

…but what I actually meant was Lucky Hundo = Lundo = Hunky :wink:


Hundo is the basis for everything.

  • shiny+hundo=shundo
  • lucky+hundo=lundo
  • shadow+hundo=shando
  • purified+hundo=pundo
  • shiny+lucky+hundo=shlundo
  • shadow+shiny+hundo=shashundo
  • purified+lucky+hundo=pulundo
  • purified+shiny+hundo=pushundo
  • purified+shiny+lucky+hundo=pushlundo

I like “hundified”