How things spawn in Pokemon go

I know it goes by biome but I would like to see where Maybe biomes switch I know not in the
Real world but in the game kind of git tired of catching the same thing it’s getting hard to find good things or even different things went out of state and it was all the same spawns

Biomes dont switch
Biomes are IRL things


What state do you live in? I’ve been to 6 different states and have found different Pokémon then in my state. But I’ve also found a ton of common spawns as well.

Here is some extra information.

Here is a nestmap(works with reports from players) and there is a countdown to a next migration.

Hope this is usefull for you to find the answer your looking for.


Pokemon spawn at the same place at the same minute every hour. It can be different Pokemon but the same time. If you have spawns at you house then you can try and find out when they spawn.


I live in Texas but just went to Oklahoma City and it was all the same spawns I was hoping to seeing you Pokemon but it was all the same thing

I did not know that

In Pokemon Go the biomes are usually influenced by weather. For example, the UK is traditionally known for constant rain and storms so it’s a water biome here

In Texas it’s always hot and dry

So Texas would probably be a fire type biome then because of the hot weather

Naw man a lot of normal in Grass types

I live in California, and I see tons of bug, grass, fire, poison, water and rock Pokémon,

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