How strong is IV?

Example: if i have a 1000cp gyarados with IV 100 and a cp2000 gyarados IV50. Who is stronger?(no power ups)

The question is wrong. The IV tells you where he can go, not how he is.
If you power him, the 100 can go to the top of the hill, the 50 will stop some way to this top.
In this moment the 2000 is stronger.

But apart, the moveset gives more information, if he is strong in battle or could be strong.

simple answer: the 2000cp is stronger.

long answer: @bagguille is right. it is not about how they are now, but how strong they can get. Moveset also matters.
100% versus 50% can be the difference between 5 manning a legendary boss or failing. It can be the difference between getting 10 balls as a raid reward or 11.

Is it worth powering up a 1000cp versus 2000cp? For a Gyarados yes. Gyarados is meta and a really strong pokemon. Ditch the 2000cp or save it for gym defending but powerup the 100% 1000CP

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Do not use any Star Dust or Candy on the 50% IV.
Any Dust and Cand should be going into the 100% on

It was an example :slight_smile:

Do you know that you are provoking that the next time nobody will answer? Especially the smiley at the end makes me furious…

If you want information about something you don’t know, please, the next time say it clearly.

We will answer the same way if you say: I need info about IV, if I have for example a 1000CP Gyarados…

I dont care about candies and stardust. They did like i reallt have that gyarados, it was an example

Hey if you pick on Ralts, it might decide to never show up to you as 100% IV, also you’re kinda a hypocrite, since your profile pic is literally one of those emoji faces

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1 thing. Is attacking with high atackIV mons good?

sorry dude but seriously? attacking with strong attck-IV is good yes, of course! just don’t attack a jolteon with your 15 att gyarados.

They said ita only for max cp

I think you should do some.research into IVs and what they are trying to explain might make more sense to you. A 100% IV will always have a higher cp than a 50% IF THEY ARE THE SAME LEVEL.

It all depends on what you’re after: strong CP in the present or even stronger CP in the future. Personally I would hold off on both until I found one that had a perfect IV/CP balance, but that’s just me.

I feel like trainer tips explained this perfectly

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