How much damage can you do to current T5 boss?

As per topic, how much damage can you do to the current T5 boss including the current ex-raid boss?


  1. Screenshots of calculations must be from your pokemon.

  2. No weather boosts.

  3. No friend bonuses.

  4. Each pokemon can only be used once, no using your strongest pokemon multiple times.

Simply use Calcy IV, Pokie Genie or any other calculators that don’t break the terms of the game and screenshot the results.

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I’ll get us started.

I want to participate in this how do you do it

I can get about
20 percent of Heatran’s HP

I use Calcy IV from google play.

All you do is scan (screenshot) the super effective pokemon into the apps database and then if you long press the overlay button and select the top right button, this will bring up the battle simulator as per above where it shows what pokemon to use after selecting the raid boss. Alternatively you can go to a raid, tap the gym and just tap the overlay button and it will be done automatically.

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Easy duo (Best Friend)

@digitaljdl so I scan like all my top 40 pokemon (press the red button), and then tap hold on one and select Heatran?

Yep. But you would scan your top 20 of each type that is strong against the boss, so fighting, ground and water for heatran.

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Roughly 60% according to pokebattler with my 3 Groudon, 3 Rhyperior battle party.

A team of fighting and water types (plus half a dozen other trainers) did this much damage earlier this evening:

The fourth escaped fifteen times; these seem harder to capture than Cresselia was.


At least he actually attacks, doesnt move and isnt that hard to hit

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You might need to re-define the settings criteria @digitaljdl to make it easier and more transparent.
Running the Sim for Heatran strongest Move Sets should be a setting or run for all combos

  1. This is easy to do
  2. No Weather Boosts is too general as there is no No Weather Boost setting in Poke Genie. You need to select a weather setting unless I’m missing something. Pick a setting so we all choose the same one. I’d go for a Weather Boosted Boss Setting. If it benefits the Pokemon in your collection for the team so be it.
    2a. You should have listed Heatrans strongest Moves or run the simulation for all combos so it gives an average.
  3. This ones easy as it can be toggled on or off.
  4. That ones easy as there’s a setting to turn off Mutiple Teams.

Here’s 2 I did.
1 with Weather set on Sunny/Clear the other Extreme
All move sets
No Friends Boosting

With weather, if no weather boost is not an option, then the next closest is one that is neutral, i.e. does not boost boss or attackers.

As such, heatran is boosted in sunny, snow, rain (bug bite) and partly cloudy (stone edge). Counters are fighting (cloudy), ground (sunny), water (rain).

So you would use fog or windy weather for neutral.

Here’s one with it set on Windy and I’ve juiced my #3 Groudon up to L29. No more Candy to go further.

Extreme weather = No weather.

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The one for sunny/clear does not say “unable to solo”.

Suggesting that a weather-boosted Heatran can be soloed?

I scrolled up to far when doing the screen shot.
Its the same as the others. No Solo

Phew! I had a brief Twilight Zone type confusion there…

(Not that I could disprove, or even test it – having not even one Groudon or Rhyperior, yet.)