How many Pokemons do you have?

So, now prestigers are pretty much useless? Did you transfer your Pokemons? Who did you leave in your box? How many Pokemons do you have?

I don’t like having many of them so I always transfered a lot of them, same as now. Left ones with 100% IV. 98% IV if it’s somewhat usefull Pokemon with somewhat high CP. And 89% plus IV Pokemons if they are high CP and usefull in current meta.

I’m left with:

145 Pokemons at level 35 :slight_smile:

  1. I’m weeding out stuff but I set my bottom window at 95%. Keeping legacy moves with over 86% and several Pokémon from trips. Also have all my snorlax, lapras and chancy. I’ll trade out the bad ones when the next gen is released or when then do double candy on trades again.

I’m weeding out my prestigers by leaving them in gyms. Once defeated, I transfer them. Right now, I’m down to 687.

Sorry for my ignorance but why are legacy moves important? Aren’t they redundant moves. Some of my earlier catches have redundant moves and am thinking of transferring them but now I’m doubting the decision.

Only Pokemon that I’m keeping because of legacy moveset is a Dragon Breath Gyarados. (and 100% Confusion Exeguttor, and all them Body Slams Snorlaxes, but that doesn’t count)

They are terribly important at this point in time but the ones I have are all high IVs over 90% and I think they’re worth holding onto when trading comes out. Just like anything else all that you can’t get anymore some people will place a higher value on it. In terms of the game meta they have no value.

As I continue to sort through I am sure I will have my number down to around 600 or 650 by the weekend. I am just being very meticulous because I have so many vacations and Momentos that I don’t want to transfer.

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Thank you for your answer, I am looking forward to trading myself. My wife has a few I don’t have and visa versa. Might be the way to get regionals as well.

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Its…um…like cleaning my room. I know it needs to be done. I need to straight up butcher and not accept anything under 89%. I just wake up each morning, “I don’t wanna. Catch. Raid. Screw this!”

So yeah, 670-ish?


I have about 750, but my last cleanish is some time ago. I think I could go down to about 600 without throwing away “important” Mons