How many level 40 trainers are there currently?

According to Niantic there are 65 million trainers actively playing worldwide. How many of these are actually level 40? I gained nearly 1,300,000 this week and according to Pokemon Go experience calculators it will still take me one year and five months to reach level 40 based on the average amount of exp. I gain daily. That is unless I quit my job and become a professional Pokemon Go player…

As you have noticed, XP events are becoming fairly common and occurs frequently. If you have gained 1.3 million XP in an event already, you’ll be 40 in a few weeks/months. Also, if you catch everything in sight, and focus on farming stardusts, XP will pile up in no time.

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This is self reporting Google Doc for all Level 40 players worldwide

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Cheers Mystic, this is awesome! Thank you for sharing!

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I am currently Level 36. I try to get at least 100000 XP per week. I have been Level 36 for 3 weeks now and expect to be for the next 17 weeks before I level up. My Level Up day is Tuesday. Sometimes I have to work extra hard to get my 100000 XP before Tuesday but last week I hit the mark on Monday. Today is Friday and I’m already more than halfway to my weekly 100000 XP.

I am level 35 and slowly levelling. About 25k per day I think. The weird thing is that when you hit level 37 you’re not even halfway the XP of level 40.

^^^If that’s the case, I don’t expect to hit Level 40 until this time next year. Tomorrow is my official one year anniversary. I started playing on the 22nd of July last year. My son really wanted to play and my old phone wouldn’t support the game. I knew it was time to upgrade my phone so I did. My son played most of the time when we got the game but I slowly took over. Now I play all the time and he plays the real games on the 3DS. Watching him play Ruby, Sapphire, X, Y, Sun, and Moon, makes me wonder why I waste time with this game. But then I remember I’m an adult and only have time to play a kids’ game on a device I’m going to carry with me anyway.

I don’t want to demotivate you…

I hit level 40 last week after playing for 14 months. My son and grandson started before me and I joined in inorder to spend more fun time with them. I ended up the family champion as I had the time to play consistently and I worked hard, especially during promotional periods.
However I felt that it was an anti climax when I reached level 40. I worked hard and I had expected fireworks, a congratulatory message etc… instead I got more items i.e. Incubators with limited lives? On level 40 XPs are no longer recorded, so no incentive to play, so why give incubators? I am left with lots of coins and lucky eggs which I don’t really need anymore. I wish that I could transfer them to another trainer.


I’ve been playing for 16 months now and just hit Level 37. Only need 10 million more XP to get to Level 40. So maybe sometime in 2019? Perhaps by then we will have Gen 6 in the game?