How many Legendary Attempts?

Hey guys I finally got my first legendary a 1630 articuno, not the best IV but after 5 painful attempts I’ll take what I can get !!

How many attempts has it taken you ? Or are you still unlucky ?


I lost twice to an Articuno, but defeated a Lugia first time.

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I caught my Articuno the second time we defeated it. Lugia after the first time we defeated it.
After 11 legendary raids in total (Yes, I’ve been playing all day yesterday) I’ve got 3 Articunos and 2 Lugias. Highest IV are 93% and 96% in that same order.

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I’ve managed to catch Articuno the second time we defeated it, and haven’t been able to capture Lugia (with not one but two scores of curve ball + great throw + golden berry, which is almost the best possible throw :disappointed_relieved:)

Due to my real-life duties (job, family, you know) I’ve been able to only assist those 3 raids, so overall I’m happy

EDIT: shouldn’t it be a “Legendary badge” or anything?? Not a trace of such medal in my app…

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I fought in a gym yesterday for a Articuno and we had about 7 people in the battle. In each battle I would go through 12 pokemon until the time ran out. After about 6 attempts I had to stop. Didn’t get him but I will!

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I’ve been extremely lucky, I’ve done/defeated 4 legendary raids now and I captured them as well. Whereas I know some people have done 10 and still have had no luck… Best of luck to you all, I hope you can all get them too.

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I can confirm after last night now that Lugia took me 3 attempts and my friend caught Lugia in all 3 attempts (jerk) and we witnessed some pretty serious poke rage when a guy threw his phone into the bushes after his 5th failed attempt


0-2 on articuno and 1-1 on lugia. Lugia is a pain to actually beat, but I think he’s easier to get good throws on when you try to catch him. My best advice is to be patient with your throws and wait for the attack animation . Your ball should be in the air as the attack animation is finishing.


Also, the shrinking circle is centered on its head… This took me a while to notice, as I was aiming to its body (bigger target, y’all know :stuck_out_tongue:)

BTW: Yesterday I was able to finally catch it!! My results are 4 raids of each legendary won, 1 of each caught. I don’t know you, but people around me seems to have a similar ratio, around 25% success

After 4 failed raids, I finally got one.

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Lugia 0/5
Articuno 1/7
86.7 IV Wonder with 13’s across the board Work for me.

Congrats, I’m still chasing mine. Ive caught both lugias I’ve raided and am 0-4 on articuno. I will resume my quest tomorrow

Luckily they extended the time for those who still haven’t got him yet, good luck to all those people !!

Just powered him up, sad I can’t place him in a gym.


0-5 on articuno now…only able to do one today. Time is getting short for me…really going to go hard for one tomorrow

Wow!! Sweeeeet!! :heart_eyes: what attacks does it have??

I’ve tried to re-conquer a gym and my Lugia (with 69% IVs :cry: ) got through 4 defenders before fainting… Should it be powered up as yours, it could reclaim a gym on itself without even healing!!

At the moment it has Extrasensory and Sky Attack. Trying to get a charged TM so he can get Future Sight. Lugia is so bulky, mine took down a 2759 Blissey with 20 seconds to spare. Worth all the stardust :grin:

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Where I live we have a local user that needed 25+ successful boss raids to catch one Articuno.

Took me 7 tries to catch both seems it was my lucky number

1/8 Lugia
1/7 Articuno

Articuno I am 1 for 1 got a call after they could not take it down , I helped with super high level pokes and our group of 10 there were 2 catches , I am 0 for 1 on Lugia had to get facebook but these people just don’t know what to use Chanceys everywhere at times but numbers win I guess !