How many do think Niantic is doing Miser

Are the Devs miser or whole Niantic
When they adding a Jhoto Event Why don’t they include eggs too
(So that we get high Chance of hatching shiny Magby or togepi)
Hatched so many eggs and got many shirt Pokemons from gen3

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I’m sorry, but I disagree. Shinies are meant to be rare. Especially shiny Babies. Niantic shouldn’t boost shinies IMO (except for CD shinies). Also, it’s pretty difficult now to get some Gen 1 & Gen 3 Pokémon. They should stay in the Eggs. Oh, and I love my rare shiny Wynaut (I know it’s a gen 3 Baby, but still):grin:. It shouldn’t be common.


I think @vineel is right. He’s not explicitly asking for an increased shiny chance, only for a Johto egg pool. This would implicitly increase the chance a bit, that’s right. But the chances are so low that it wouldn’t make a difference anyway…
But Johto eggs during a Johto event would totally make sense IMHO

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Among all you have common sense man …Nice :+1:

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I mean does it make sense to have an increase of johto egg spawns during a johto event? Yes it does. However I’m assuming they didn’t do that because in their minds they already did a gen 2 baby (egg event if I remember correctly) Pokémon event back around when gen 2 was coming out, therefore there is no need to do that. And I agree with @Jormdeworm that shinies should still be rare.