How many 0% IV Pokémon do you have?

How many 0% IV Pokémon do you have?

I actually have none!

Probably because I never look up the IV before I transfer it.


I don’t even have anyone with less than 50% IV (apart from maybe a few cp 10 Pokemons I have)

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Only because I happened to notice it…

That kind of % in a pokemon even exist??

The IV stat ranges from 0-15 so it is possible to have a 0/0/0 stat on stamina/attack/defense.

It would be nice to actually see a screenshot of a 0/0/0 Pokémon. Anyone?

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No problem man. Here you go. :slight_smile:

*Photo is not mine. It’s a screenshot from my friend. She found it in her Swiss Pokemon Facebook group and share it with us.

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Happy to see you started this topic. I was thinking doing this yesterday, but here we go…

Ladies and gentlemen allow me to introduce you my 0% IV birthday party Pikachu. He seems a little angry, but it’s totally understandable in this context.


I love this, hahaha, that’s exactly why I like more to be a collector than a fighter, if not these little anti-monster wouln’d be in any pokestorage.

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I have a 0% machamp with 1069 CP.

the flip is this shit? you can get 0 IV lmao

You can have a 0 IV. The individual values range from 0-15 so a 0 Stam, 0 defense, 0 attack is possible. Odds are the exact same as a 100% IV Pokémon.

Caught one today:

Normally I wouldn’t even check the IV before transferring but I was hoping to find a 0% IV these days.

This one is a 0% candidate. Not sure though:

I ought to power it up or evolve it to know for sure but I’m not gonna do that. :ghost:

If that’s your original starter, it’s 50% IV. Also, 10 cp doesn’t always make it 0 IV.

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I caught it today, it’s a level 1 mon, but the IV calculators tell me that there are eventually 8 possibilities left: 0, 7,13,20,27,33,40 or 47%. I just keep it for fun.

First time I’ve heard of one which such a wide range of IV’s. Worth having though

I’ve got a Weedle that is a 0 IV. I kept it because I thought it was odd.

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A 0% IV pokémon is just as rare as a 100% IV species if I am not mistaken so I keep them as well.

I think the 0% is even more rare. The three IV values in wild pokemon can get all values between 0/0/0 and 15/15/15. But the hatched of eggs only get from 10/10/10 to 15/15/15. So from an egg there never can come out a 0% IV.