How long are Lugia and Articuno going to be around for?

How long are Lugia and Articuno going to be around for? I didn’t get a chance to catch them recently. Niantic wasn’t really clear on how long they’d last but the Pokemon website did state that Articuno would only be around for a brief while.

I have no idea, I haven’t seen the answer to this question, but I’m also curious.

I would think the lvl 5 raids will be much rarer than they have been the last two days. I got a lugia, but still need the articuno, so I hope they’re not too rare.

These legendary raids have really energized the local pogo community where I live. I haven’t seen this many people out playing since the first month or so

Talk about energized, the PoGo community where I live has me drowning in a sea of level 20-33 rival trainers right now. A level 22 Mystic player took down my Blissy and five more mons in my home gym that I haven’t had the time to feed berries to in the last three days. I knocked out a rivals level 2,100 CP Gollem this morning before going in to work and when I went to the same gym after work the same Gollem was back in the gym but now it had a CP of 2,5000. Love seeing the pokemon go community extremely alive again!

I think Lugia might be gone for good now…using a worldwide scanner I can see no Lugia at all, only Articuno.

There was a Lugia raid here at 6:22 this morning so I would say they are stil around :thinking:

Niantic blog post reveals Articuno raids will last until July 31st. Moltres July 31-August 7, Zapdos August 7-14.

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Damn, better stockpile the raid passes while they’re slightly discounted

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I’m pretty sure they will rotate the 1rst and 2nd Gen Legendaries indefinitely. If you missed them this time, they will be back in a month. Once Gen 3 hits, you might have to wait 2 months before they will be back.

I got this information from my friend living in Hong Kong that Lugia will be in the raids until the whole legendary birds raids finish. Not 100% confirmed, and welcome to correct me.

I did saw Lugia on my way to work this morning (0730 Malaysia Time), but the GO Fest bonus is still there. I can’t confirm now because there is no legendary raids happening my area right now (1000 Malaysia Time).

Lugia has been sighted (1008 Malaysia Time). The possibility of Lugia spawns until the end of legendary birds raids have been raised.