How is your team

Do you like your current team?

What do you hate about your current team?

Im valor. I feel as if no1 takes gyms but when i drop everyone pops up. We love to take out Blue but if Yellow is in a group i wouldn’t mind taking them out before blue. i feel as if we are very lazy an chill we got strong mons but don’t dominate in packs.

Discuss your team.

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Pretty much dominating our local area with four level 40ies, a level 39, 37, 36 (me) and 34


Sound like mobb fun.

Where I live it is pretty equal valor probably have the most players but instinct and mystic have higher level player so it is usually fairly even

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Where I play, Mystic and Valor fight it out pretty consistently, and poor Instinct gets scraps. This meme pretty much sums it up:

Although, truth be told, for raiding, we are all very cordial, and have a great time doing things together.


Historicly speaking (lets say the first year of pokemon) in our city the stereotype was:
Mystic - multi accounts
Valor - spoofers
Instinct - underdog

Now its pretty equal. Theres a big spoofer in every team. In our Instinct app we dont really like people with multiple accounts so they arent much arround, Mystic and Valor still have a few who drive arround with 3 or 4 phones.
After the gym rework and when the raids started alot more slumbering Instinct players popped up. We definatly have the most active raiders, and the gym scene is split pretty even.

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Here it’s pretty much equal.

In my area, all of the strongest players are Mystic, we just got our first level 40 valor player. I’m one of the very few instinct members in the area, and we are known for just causing mayhem. We knock out full gyms just to post unown, knock out gyms in the middle of the night, and always taunt the other teams. Overall, everything is a very friendly rivalry, whenever I go on a longer hunt downtown, the group I go with is an even combination of Mystic and valor with an occasional instinct throw in for fun!


I am Instinct and in our town (25,000) we are the best and biggest team??? Mystic has moved up with the newer players who don’t understand that you don’t want to hold a gym and love to berry everything and Valor was the best first 6 months but several spoofed and either quit or got the mark of death when those bans came out and a couple moved out of the area. They just get what they can. We are so small that everyone raids together and rarely have disagreements.


Our area is the same, just with barely anyone ever taking us down.


Our local instinct group is outnumbered by mystic and valor, but the strongest players are mostly instinct which helps some

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I’m valor to! Valor rules!

Valor ruled my town before gym update. Now it is pretty equal between Valor and Mystic. Instinct still eats glue.