How important is IV?

I’ve got a 59 Chikorita with 98 IV. And a 225 Chikorita with 93 IV. I dont know how important IV is. Can someone tell which one i should evolve based on how important the IV is in this case?

IVs should matter only if you plan on powering the Mon up
As you probably wont ever you a Meganium, I would suggest to just go for the highest CP

I would personally wait in this situation. Meganium is not worth powering up meta-wise. If you like meganium however and wish to power it up, and have a few extra candies, go for the high iv one. If not i would wait, for a better cp chikorita e.g from an egg

To answer your title question: quite. the difference between a level 40 tyranitar vs a blissey between 1 attack IV and 15 is 1,7 damage per second. This might not seem much, but in certain cases its the difference between winning or losing a level 5 raid with 3 or 4 people.

HOWEVER. Just IV doesnt mean everything. You need to check the attack IV. If your 59 chicorita with 98 IV has 14 attack, 15 defence and 15 stamina, and your 93 IV has 15 attack 14 defence and 14 stamina, you are better of with evolving the 93 IV.

But for a Meganium @Necrozmadabest is right. Its not worth putting stardust in. If you really want a good grass pokemon, go with Sceptile.


i’ve got 250 treecko candies so ill just wait to get a high cp chikorita and just put my stardus in a high IV treecko