How good are you guys at achieving excellent throws?

Just wondering, because although I’ve tried different ways, and read the guide on here, I only get maybe one in every 100. Maybe I just don’t have the skill. I do get ‘nice’ and ‘great’ though, so I’m not completely useless.

I only try to get excellent when the starting circle is large, then I get maybe 1 in 5. Otherwise I usually go for great throw that i can hit 80-90% of the time.


Do you throw curve balls? If so, I’d recommend any of reversal’s youtube videos as he constantly aims to land excellent throws.

@DishTR, I do throw curveballs unless they are really close, like pidgey. I will take a look a the videos you mention, thanks. Sometimes though, I am convinced I get an excellent throw, and it’s not even ‘nice’ or ‘great’ and I think, I was sure I got one that time.

I try for consistent great throws…if I can hit 75% great throws, that’s a lot better than even 25% excellent throws. I curve everything except weedle…I’m lucky if I even get a nice throw on weedle

They have made the circles smaller on a lot of Pokémon…not sure why that needed to be done

@HeracrossVille, I noticed that natu has a really small circle now. If I miss, I tend to not try again.

On which? It all depends on what you throw at. Some of these raid bosses attack every circle closing. Use pinap on smaller mons till you get the curve right. After a while it’ll be easier for ya

I get excellent throws relatively often, like about 1 in every 4 pokemon caught. If you can practice your curveballs, it’s actually super easy to land excellents with a curveball. And @HeracrossVille yes, weedles are RIDICULOUS to get good throws on! It’s very annoying.

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It really does depend on the Pokemon. For example, I have only got excellent on a weedle twice, but I have got excellent on ursaring practically every time I’ve hit it. I personally however aim for great because it is easier to obtain. When I’m trying for excellent, I get about 25%. It’s more like 10% when I’m not.