How does the distance search work?

Hi everyone!
I have just sideloaded the new PoGo version from ApkMirror and started fiddling around with search strings. There’s a new distance search supposed to be included, but I don’t seem to understand how it works.
I guess it should be distance10-100 showing Pokémon that were caught in a distance of 10 to 100 km from my current location.
But somehow it gives me (almost) all Pokémon. I have event tried with higher numbers like 1000-10000, but still I have way too many Pokémon showing up, even those that I caught right at my house.
I do have the german version and I have tried it with both the english and the german search term (“distanz”) which both seem to be recognized by the game.
Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong? Or is this search term just buggy?

distance100- worked for me on the lastest android apk Which is 100km to infinity. Make sure your on WiFi so you don’t location glitch as well.


Didn’t even know that was in the game lol

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It came with the new version 0.157.0
I was on WiFI when I tried it, and GPS signal was OK, so this should not have been an issue.
I’ll keep you posted if I find out what’s wrong…:thinking:


OK, mystery solved! :man_facepalming:

I don’t know why the game seems to accept the terms “distance” and “distanz”… or what it searches for when recieveing them, but I found the right german one. It was “entfernung” (which means the same depending on context).
In english it’s of course “distance”, but the english term wouldn’t work in the german version.

So" entfernung100-" gives me all Pokémon with a geotag 100km or more from my current location. Too late for the World Tourism Day quests, but at least we are prepared once they come back.


The problem is the correct syntax…
I tried it here (in spain) with the apropiate syntax “distancia”, but nothing, it doesn’t work.
(Apart that I have tried as well the german and the english version of this word, hehe)

I wrote it without spaces: distancia1000-
I wrote it with spaces: distancia 1000- and distancia 1000 -
I wrote it with another limitation: distancia1000-10000 or distancia 1000 - 10000

Nothing, it doesn’t work for me

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That’s wierd, because when they don’t translate a search term, at least the english version usually works :thinking:
(e.g. there is this “@move” for finding Pokémon without (!) a second charge move. There’s no german version of that and it works well for me)