How does it happen? Candy from feeding Pokémon in gyms

Your ideas?
Let me hear them.

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Some said pinaps do it but I tested it and no

It’s 1 in around 100

Article about candies from feeding berries


I don’t usually feed many berries, but I seem to only have gotten a candy once or twice. For me it’s very uncommon


I go to 1 bacon candy for it

Bacon candy lol :joy:


Damb autocorrect for bagon. I’m just gonna put shiny magikarp in a gym and just berry the hell out of it considering I have too many berries. Works all berries.

I’ve been feeding berries to Pokémon in gyms for ages, with nom candy whatsoever, then last week i fed my little boys Pidgey that he’d put in for a joke, and i got a ruddy candy. Couldn’t believe it.

It’s random and it doesn’t matter what berry you use. I get a candy maybe twice a day. I even get one if I feed other people’s pokemon

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