How do your communities arrange tournaments?

Our community of pvpers has shrunk due to most of them moving out of town, so sad! How do you guys get new people into PvP? Are your communities growing? Where do you host your tournaments? Thanks for your help. I need to revive our PvP community :’(

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We have one in Delft. Someone posts the idea that everyone who wants to participate in the event goes to this square (Beestenmarkt) usually after community day

Gets placed in the event, goes on for thre next round. I usually don’t go because I need to be at other places after community day, and it is 20-30 minutes to home by bike.

I dont participate in the PVP cups but i have joined the PVP telegram so i pick up usefull news.
The group has 80 members. Our raid channel links to it so people can find it trough that. The admin of the PVP group makes good anouncement infographics wich are shared in the raid group aswell.

Tournaments are hosted at the picknick tables in the local train station. Theres enough room, and its easy for people from different citys to join. Usually they coordinate it with a few different citys so that there are 4 or so Tournaments in different citys on different times, so the hardcore PVPers can string a few together.

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