How do you spend your PokeCoins?

I mostly spend it on Bag and Storage space because I run out of it fast.
I wish I could buy one of those special boxes.
It’s all cool though.

I get the daily 50 coins and it warrants me enough to buy ultra boxes that have alot of passes value. I sometimes have some left over and still working on pokemon/bag space.

Bags, Storages, Boxes.

When I’ve upgraded the Bag and the Storage to the max, I’ll spend it on something other (Incubators, Boxes, Clothes [sometimes I buy clothes], Premium Raid Passes, whatever).

Mostly incubators is what I used to get, now i cant play

I got my Bag maxed out, and I’m working on my Storage. I’ve bought raid passes just on special occasions, like that Mew quest with 10 raids. And never bought incubators or lucky eggs…they’re too expensive for someone who gets 50 coins a day. 1 incubator with 3 uses for 3 days work? Call me cheap haha.
When I do complete my Storage and buy a new pants, I guess I’ll just save them for some boxes full of star pieces. Unless Niantic increases the space for Gen V~VI. I doubt we’ll see another Storage/Bag expansion on Gen IV.

On whatever I feel like spending them on. Pokestorage, bagspace, sales boxes when I like their contents, seperate outfit pieces that fit my character (I don’t bother with complete outfit sets).

A few times I bought some seperate game items, like incubators and even pokeballs when I completely ran out and kept spinning berries, but I prefer to save my coins for sales boxes instead of buying seperates. Seperates are only a desperate stopgap.

I get bag/storage upgrades, incubators (not nearly as much as I used to) and special boxes

Never bought balls, lures, potions or insense

  1. Incubators
  2. Pokemon Storage
  3. Bag Upgrade
    I’m currently maxed out on Pokemon storage, but incubators are always priority. When I get enough 10km eggs and don’t burn through incubators as fast, I can do storage upgrades.
    I also only do the 50 coins a day program.

I bought some balls by mistake😅

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I do bag upgrades and Pokemon Storage updates too.

upgrades, boxes, raid passes, and when i need super incubators, when there in store

Incubators, bag and storage upgrades.

Bag and Storage increase.
Raid Passes, Raid Passes, Raid Passes, Raid Passes
I only buy boxes when there is more Raid Passes in them than buying them singular for 100 coins

As many upgrades as i can get, then boxes/raid passes

Boxes with incubators and bag upgrades

Storage upgrades. Constantly running out of space.

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