How do you play the game?

  • I grind every day
  • I play at least three times a week
  • I only play on weekends
  • Just play whenever i can
  • Only log on for community days tbh

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Log on mostly for raids or for managing my box (maxed out five Pokemon in the last 24 hours)
I only play the way intended (wander around to catch Mons) on CDs and if I really want to (like tomorow, when I want to grind up some dust with star piece)

Mostly just log on do 1 quest and catch+spin. I do have my go plus going while at work but it really only catches 4-6 mon over 8 hours. On sun I usually do a raid train with our town thats about it unless its community day.

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never anymore


How i play the game?
With my phone :wink:


What are you doing here then😂

Whenever I can: Most days about an hour; some days a couple of hours or just a few minutes; and very occasionally half a day or nothing at all.

The main constraint is living in a neighborhood high in crime and homelessness that isn’t really safe for walking around with your attention divided, making a drive to nearby towns necessary, which can sometimes take an hour or more, round-trip.

I deliver furniture I have the game going the whole time in the truck most of the time I cant catch anything because we move to fast but I can hit the occasional pokestop or gym at a stoplight or if im really lucky we will deliver near a pokestop or gym thats only happend once in the past like 6 months tho I at least log on every day tho I didn’t play for the longest time when I came back I was level 25 I got to level 32 in about a month or two

I have a set route of gyms I hit on my way back and forth from work. During work, I can catch stuff but can’t do raids or gym battles. Only have 1 pokestop at work, so I burn through balls faster than I can replace them. On my off days, my kids and I take down gyms on a totally separate route to take them to school. I’ll hit a couple other gyms on the way back home using my son’s phone as well as mine. Maybe while they are in school, I’ll do a raid or two. After school we usually do a raid if we have time. On Saturdays, we try to do multiple raids. It doesn’t always work out like that though and we are heading into our 3rd weekend of trying to get 10 raids done for Mew hunt. I guess now I feel compelled to catch Mew before May 1, so they don’t change Mythical.