How do you get Espeon and Umbreon

Is there a nickname or do you just have to walk with them


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no walking required just nickname

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You can use each nickname once
After that, you need to set the Eevee as your buddy, walk two candies/10km, and then evolve it (do NOT remove it as your buddy)
Evolve it during the day and you have Espeon, evolve it during the night and you have Umbreon


It worked thanks

What dose nerf and stab mean

Nerf means making something in competitive (Pokemon, ability, move, or even weapons, spells, etc in other games) less viable on purpose, because it was deemed too powerful

STAB means Same Type Attack Bonus, basically every attack that matches the typing of your Pokemon gets a 1.2 boost in power in PoGo (1.5 in the main games)