How do you get coins in the game

I’m just wondering how everybody goes about getting their coins I spend money my older brother spend his money my little brother’s weights for 50 coins a day from gym to get things that says we’re crazy for spending money just wondering what everybody else does

IN the shop at the bottom you can buy coins with real money.

I buy when its event.

I usually win gyms and stack tho.

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I spend enough money on gasoline playing this game. I get my 50 coins a day doing gym battles and I deal with it. I don’t raid that often so my 1 free pass a day is fine with me. My kids do the same as me, so they can only raid on my days off anyway because Mom doesn’t play.

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I don’t spend much on gas but I do spend a lot in the game

I try to mostly play on my way to and from work. On my off days, I take the kids out and we do raids. Getting gyms on way to school and on way to raids after school. Haven’t missed getting 50 coins since I went on vacation to Jaimica. Even then, I got enough gyms before I left, that I collected coins for 5 days after I left.

I play mostly at work I work at a saltwater disposal so there’s a lot of downtime and if you gym’s it stops nearby

I work 12 hour shifts on a complex with 1 Pokestop. The shear amount of Pokemon available, you can never keep up with just the 1 stop. So every 4 hours, I switch to my kids’ accounts. They are in school and not playing anyway. Then on the way home, I restock doing gym battles. I get the 50 coins for all 3 of us before 7 on most days just because of the number of gyms we take over.

i do google opinon rewards, it pays you in google play credit just slowly, other then that i do 2 gyms in the town nearby.

I get my 50 coins a day and that alone usually lets me grab one ultra box every time one comes out but I have skipped a few of the ultra boxes as they didnt have much value to me.

I love how it takes me 3 days to buy an incubator and 4 days to buy a bag or storage upgrade. I laugh at what the “special” boxes cost and know I’ll never afford them.

What is Google opinion

Have no idea what that is.

I just signed up for it gives you Google money to take surveys seems easy

No way. They will ask me to do survey everyday. I’ll just stick with 50 coins a day.

Is worth a shot

Let me know how that works out for you.

its easy but only every couple days. just free money to me.

I’ll let you know I’ve had good luck with Sprint trainer Rewards so we’ll see about this new thing