How do I maximize XP during Pokémon GO events?

Hello everyone

I have been playing Pokémon GO I really enjoy participating in the special events. With all the bonuses and special spawns, I want to increase XP during these times.

Do anyone have any strategies or tips for maximizing XP during events?

Thanks in advance

I mean, the easiest way is to use Lucky Eggs. In addition, often events will have XP bonuses for specific things like catching and hatching Pokémon, in addition to spinning Pokéstops or participating in raids, etc. So looking at what XP bonuses are already built in and putting more effort towards those can be helpful as well.

Right now, make sure you get your catch and spin of the day, as that feature has a MASSIVE XP boost during this Master Ball event.

Upfriending brings some pretty good XP, when you hit the ultra friend or best friend level. If you have some time to prepare, it’s possible to line up a bunch of friends to be one gift away from that next level of friendship. That can help a Lucky Egg be especially profitable.

Less profoundly profitable, but still good, are evolving and raiding, especially during events having XP multipliers. Don’t waste Lucky Egg time looking for mons to evolve; take note ahead of time which 50 or more mons are ready to evolve, and spend the entire time of a Lucky Egg evolving, Priority on evolving to mons that are new to your Dex. Raiding Legendaries can bring some good XP and Stardust, too. (Only 5 remote raids per-day, though, so try to do local raids as much as possible.)

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