How do i beat blissey

how do i beat a bliss eater “Post must be at least 3O characters”


I just got it yesterday, as the dragon thinks it could hit blissey

no dont my post post thank you very much

I usually use Gengar with Focus Blast until he is almost dead then finish it off with either Aggron or Rhydon.

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Blissey is normal type. Fighting types are super effective. Dragon types also do strong damage against it. Just be aware the that both take super effective damage from fairy moves so dodging charge moves is a must.

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Blissey can be difficult to beat. My best suggestion is to use a Machamp or a Hariyama if you have that


Use Blaziken with Counter and Focus Blast. While you still should dodge the charge moves, it’s the best Blissey counter that I’ve found.

Blaziken better than Machamp with Counter / Dynamic Punch???

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Actually, it is, it takes neutral damage by the fairy charge move. Even though it doesn’t have the best moveset.

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You use a fighting type like machamp

No its sixth best with a different moveset I looked on database

Yeh, I tested it out on the Battler feature in Poke Genie.
I Powered my 100% Blaziken up fully to L40. It wasn’t far away already so not a massive investment for the test.
I ran the sim against my 3212CP Blissey all move combos in Sunny/Clear Weather with No Dodge
I was shocked at what came out on top.
In Order was:

  1. 100% L40 3377cp Entie with Fire Spin / Overheat_ Win rate 59%
  2. 98% L40 4060cp Groudon with Dragon Tail / Solar Beam_ Win rate 34%
  3. 91% L40 4044cp Kyogre with Waterfall / Hydro Pump_Win rate 33%
  4. 89% L40 4036cp Groudon with Dragon Tail / Solar Beam_Win rate 33%
  5. 100% L40 2916cp Exeggutor with Confusion / Solar Beam_Win rate 30%
  6. 100% L40 2889cp Machamp with Counter / Dynamic Punch_Win rate 0.2%

The 100% L40 2631cp Blaziken was a Battle Lost.

Makes sense as machamp is a glass cannon

We have vastly different ideas of a glass cannon. Gengar or Alakazam are good examples, Machamp actually has decent bulk, it’s just susceptible to a combo psychic/fairy attack. If you dodge the charge moves to avoid super effective damage the result would look vastly different.

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Machamp definitely isnt a glass cannom, IF you dodge the charge move. I have a 93% lv 33, my favorite against blissey. Overall, when dodging, I can easily end a Blissey with 5~6 Dynamic Punches, with about 30secs left on timer. On the other hand, he can tank only 2~3 dazzling gleams.
Never tested a Blaziken…gonna do it!


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