How close to perfect?

When I first started playing I had a bit of an OCD with IVs and wouldn’t keep any Pokémon with less than 90% IVs (I’ve thrown away amazing pokes and now I kind of regret it lol), lately…ever since the release of the Aloan Pokémon I’ve been feeling bad about getting rid of any in the 80’s with the sole exception for pokes that I need to evolve for the pokedex.

So here’s my question for everyone with a similar OCD… Where do you draw the line? How close to 100% IVs does your Pokémon have to be for you to keep it/not get candy’d?

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It depends on rarity. I’ve got a wide range of Blissey for example my IVs range on that one from 98% to 50%. On useful Pokémon like Machamp I keep anything over 96 with attack and for common Pokémon with little use I keep the best one I have (or multiples if I have more than one perfect).

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