How can we refund Stardust used by mistake?


I’m a fairly new player, and have been enjoying this game quite a bit for a few weeks now. A friend of mine told me it would be wise to save up the stardust for when I start to get decent lvl pokemons. So I did :slight_smile:

But today I reached my Pokémon limit (300) and started to transfer all the lower value ones, but I managed to give a low CP Mr.Mime a worthless upgrade with a cost of 75000 stardust!

He is now renamed to Wasted Mime… I had 85000 stardust in total…

For now, this is a game breaker, and I was wondering if the devs can help out there, or if there is any way I can undo this mistake?

Thx in advance

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You might have to take it up with Niantic Support, although I’m sure they’re going to say they can’t help.


75000 Dust… it sounds to you like BIG amount, but think how many you get for a catch. 100? 150? 200 if it is a very good throw?
So you have to catch another 350 pokémon to get another amount like this?

If you really want to play on the long and reach level 40, then nothing has happened. It’s not nice, but it’s nothing that can’t be resolved with a busy catching week.

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No, you only get 100 unless its evolved, which never happens
“just catching 750” sure sounds fun

never heard of refunding dust. Dust is the one item in the game that you must play to earn, you can’t even buy dust.

I would suggest just play the game and try to becareful next time.

if you want you can try and email niantic;

[email protected]

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Happens more often than you think, wish dust was easier to get with all the ridiculous prices

There is no way you can get it refunded. Trying will be a waste of your time.
I dont get how you give a pokemon an 2nd move when youre transfering by the way. Are you doing them 1 by 1? You can just press and hold a pokemon in the overview screen, and then select multiple at a time. No risk of giving 1 a 2nd move and it saves alot of time.

As some of you stated, declined, and it blows.

I started mainly to play with my son and daughter, but got caught up as I found a few players at work who used to be pretty active.

The community isn’t large where I live, even if we do have a decent amount of gyms and pokestops. However, not giving a helping hand to especially new players who make a mistake or two will not exactly help on the growth of the community.

Sure, it’s supposed to be a grind, I’m not new to these kind of games. What I am used to, however, are the support team actually giving a … carebare xD

And how did I manage to pull off this little accident? I popped a lure on pokestop, a lure on myself and a lucky egg as I was closing in on lvl 20, and boom! I hit max Pokémon number. I tried to transfer the least wanted one as fast as I could, and winded up giving one of my weakest ones a 75k stardust upgrade.

Support not even interested in trying to help with such a ‘trade’ especially when it was reported IMIDIATELY tells me a thing or two about the developers.

Better I learn this now whilst I’m still young in the game, rather then having them piss on me later when I’m fully invested in the game.

Thx for the replies all :slight_smile:
I’m out, and game deleted

I’ve given 3 Pokemon an unwanted second move now by mistake when Powering up. On all 3 occasions I’ve been quite fatigued at the time after a long day of Playing the game.
It’s a bit harder to when transferring but I can see how its possible as I’ve had the option come up when selecting the transfer button as if you miss it goes through to the behind screen and selects whatever is in the way. In the rush to get to the next one I know how easy it is to just hit yeas on the confirm stage then it sinks in what you’ve just done.

Lots of people got stung when the 2nd moves came out as they didn’t have Dust Costs posted on some. I’ve got a friend that lost 100K dust like that. After multiple conversations back an forth all they gave her was 4 Star Pieces to help get the dust back while playing.

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Can’t expect anything for stardust. It’s one of the main concepts in the game that players must earn.

Only raid passes may be given out of errors.

I personally never asked Niantic for help other than when raids didn’t work ( error message ) and it would take my pass and not allow me to raid and make me waste another pass.

Any staff can close this now.