How Big Will Girantina (if a raid battle coming later) Be?

I was wondering, because when Groudon came out, he was about 9000 CP bigger than the latest raid, Raikou. But also the largest raid right now is Mewtwo. So I was wanting to know this.

39994 CP according to level 5 raid calculations.

That is kind of low…

Most of its CP consists of its HP, thats why its low
But this is the Alternate Forme, not the Origin Forme

If there wasn’t any Mistake in the Calculation then Giratina’s Origin Forme will have a (Tier 5) Raid Boss CP of 43546
Using 262 (247 + 15) Atk
and 221 (206 + 15) Def as Variables

Though if the Niantic Nerf is applied it could also be around 37977 CP for the Origin Forme
Using 239 (224 + 15) Atk
and 202 (187 + 15) Def as Variables


Wow, cool, thanks!

That seems like more what I was thinking.

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So it will depend on wich form they put in the game.

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Girantina origin form will be over powered, 247 attack, 206 defense, and 300 stamina.

Awesome attack and great bulk!

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and a nerf


But it will still be good with 230 attack

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I hope they don’t destroy it with a terrible nerf. I really hope this is released as a T5 before the return of MewTwo as it’s fairly safe to say MewTwo will return for a 3hr Shiny chance like the Birds.


And maybe again for Mega mewtwo and again for Psystrike.

Girantina with Shadow Claw will be awesome as it will stay alive forever while doing good damage.

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That’s what I’m hoping for. Good enough damage delt while being a Tank.

The 3hr Raids with Shiny possible have had new move added to so there’s a very good chance PayStrike would get added at same time.

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i want giratina :smiley:

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Me too

giratina will have a high cp its the best legendary of gen 4

Not really, one form doesnt pass 4000 and the other has like 4100

Palkia is the best iny opinion, or Darkrai.

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