How are you getting on with weekly field research?

Have you managed to catch all three so far? Are you impressed with them? Who do you think will be next after Articuno?

I have all three now Zapdos is my favourite and my teams mascot. I was wondering about how the stats work for them? And what the rest of you are getting?

I have caught a legendary every single week since it started in March and every one has consistently had worse stats than the previous one. Starting with a 96% Moltres and most recent is a 71% Articuno…

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At midnight tonight I’ll get my 4th Articuno. Since they are only Level 15, I haven’t used them in battle yet. July, August, and September, we will probably get Legendary Dogs.


Other people were saying that.

I only have 1…

I have been failing to get one most days unfortunately.

What that they have been getting worse every week? I have four Moltres, five Zapdos and two Articuno and apart from two each one was worse than the previous one. Personally I think anything less than 83-85% is dissapointing for seven days collecting especially when they are already set at a low level. 71% just barely scrapes a good appraisal.

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Which one do you think first I reckon Suicine will either be first or saved until last because of his added popularity thanks to Crystal. If saved until last then Entei first.

They seemed to reset every month but the first was always the best.
This suggests that the number of quests/week could have something to do with it.

There was another similar topic to this one, but I can’t find it.

I think Entei will be July. Not that it really matters because we’ll get all 3 eventually.

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