Horsea question


seadra is one of my last 3 pokemon to evolve. horseas are extremely rare for me, i have only found a few in the wild. i wanted to know if they can still be found in eggs. (i did search on my own first but could not find a definitive answer)


Not according to this chart: And I personally have never seen one hatch. Hopefully you can travel to a lake, river, or the sea sometime in the future and get better odds.

If I remember Niantic removed Horsea firm 5km at lasy egg change, but I Can be wrong

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thank you!

dang. ah well, either some traveling or just a lot of walking! (297 km if my calculations are correct)


darn. lots of buddy walking to do!


Or if you’ve done raids maybe use some of your rare candy.

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When last egg update happened?
I’ve hatched 2 Horsea in first week of October.

The last Pokemon hatching rate update was on Sep 3 when Niantic introduce hyper-rare rarity.

Note: It is confirmed that horsea was removed from the egg hatching list, which means the eggs you get after Sep 3 would not hatch Horsea.

Odd. I do regularly run out of eggs and it’s impossible those two would stay in my bag for a month.

unfortunately, i’ve only gotten 2 rare candies from raids. i used them on my flaffy.

It may be a coincidence that the eggs you’ve hatched weren’t Horsea.