Honest opinion: Pokemon GO Plus is crap

I started playing pokemon go 2 months ago. 2 weeks ago I bought a pokemon go plus.

  • It disconnects after a while without asking me. Sometimes lasts for an hour, sometimes 5 minutes. I’ve tried all the possible solutions: toggle pokemon go optimization in device settings, using apps that keep pokemon go running in background, etcetera… But with no luck.
  • When it disconnects, I have to reboot my device to make it reconnect again. If I don’t reboot and I try to reconnect, the go plus icon on the top right corner of the pokemon go app starts to spin indefinitely and the device won’t connect.

I mean, the pokemon go plus is not exactly cheap; it was launched more than a year ago and Niantic did not solve any of these bugs. These things are unacceptable.

Please let me know if you face these problems too. We should all write to Niantic’s customer service and demand a fix.

N.B. I have an android phone.

I haven’t heard this before. So might be something with your phone.
I have no troubles with my go plus and some of my friends use it without any trouble.
Try to find out if more people with your mobile device face this problem, but it’s not just the go plus.
And the go plus disconnects after one hour by design, so this is normal. It’s meant to save battery.

Are you running ios or android? A lot of my friends reported those issues too (they all have an android device). I would be happy if the go plus would last always for an hour (even if it would be better to give customers the choice [for example, I don’t care about battery]); the real problem is that sometimes it lasts only for 5-10-20-30 minutes and then disconnects. And I have to reboot. Very annoying when driving or running. Definitely not worth the price.

I can understand. I would also prefer to choose the time before it disconnects.
I am running iOS, but some of my friends are running Android without (those big) problems.
Maybe you could try to remove the go plus from your phone by ‘forgetting’ the connection and then reset the go plus.
After that try to link it with your phone again.

To hard rest your Pokemon Go Plus device, hold the center button for just over 5 seconds, or until it turns solid blue. Let go, then press the button again for another 5 seconds, until it buzzes.

I have never had this problem with mine although it does disconnect after an hour.

I made some tries today. At first, it seemed that unpair/pair everytime the plus through the system settings could solve the reconnection issue. Not ideal, but bearable. Unfortunately, after a lot of tries I’ve found that it works randomly. Sometimes I have to reboot anyway. I don’t know guys. Some people are reporting that is working well; some people have my same issue. Maybe it is related to the stock-based rom, or the android version (I have a moto z2 play with android 7.1.1). Or some OEM apps…

I use Android and the Pokemon Go Plus. And yes, sometimes (never after the same time running), it disconnect. But after this, I ask for reconnect, and it works. I have seen maybe two times this endless spinning, but then I have gone out of the application, rerun it and connect it quite easy…

The Go Plus was originally designed around working on iOS than adapted to work with Android.
I run a Go Plus on both iPhone 6s and Android Samsung J7 Prime phones.
The Plus works far better and pairs up instantly on the iPhone. It’s hit and miss pairing up and lags catching on the Samsung. It’s quite frustrating using it on he Samsung in comparison. My wife runs a Go Plus also on a IPhone 6s. She updated to iOS 11 and I have not. Her Go Plus lags now similar to my Samsung but it still pairs straight away.