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The new GoHub looks, both the forums and the home page. What do you all think of it? Feedback will be passed to Antonio/Zeroghan for improvements

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Sometimes while typing into the reply text box, a gray spinning circle (wait indicator?) shows up at the bottom right of the box (trying to save a draft?) that seems never to end, after which it becomes impossible to cancel the comment. I can keep editing while it continues; but completing the reply or closing the window seems like the only way to get out.

It looks much better this way. Only if this can be fixed:

It also happens to the other categories.

What do you mean with that one?

Would it make sense to have a link to the main HUB page from the forums page?

Regarding @Jormdeworm’s last comment – the overlapping of the category name and its title is a stylistic form I find appealing. I’d vote for keeping it (if it were a matter up for votes, that is…)

After I log into forum and click on my profile picture on the upper right corner, a window that covers almost the entire screen of my phone pops up, I have to click on a small area to the left of my phone screen, which is not covered by that window to make the window disappeared. Is it possible to make the pop up window smaller?

I think that that is just the design discourse uses, but I’ll let zeroghan know

maybe move the general chat section to the bottom so that people don’t just stop at the top?

That used to be a problem, now it isn’t anymore. We don’t encounter as many friend codes in the #pokemon-go-general-chat as when they introduced them