Ho-oh with Solar Beam? Lol no!

Alright, so after fighting one with Fire Blast, and I was surprised by the damage output he could do
But that was nothing when compared to Solar Beam
Shreding off half of HP on my 2500CP 100IV Golem even when dodging, and nearly killing my 3300CP Zapdos in one hit without a dodge, its pretty clear that you need a strong and large group to beat it

But in the end, its not the Solar Beam itself that is so deadly, its Niantic
Seriously, their work on bugs is almost none-existent!

First of all, the rejoin bug
If you by any means get out of the fight and the boss is no longer there, you cant return
I can understand it with leaving the group willingly, but due to how easily the game can crash, its pretty damn stupid

Second of all, the annoying dodge bug
You see, if you dodge an attack, you should normally get only about one quarter of the damage, right?
Welp, not if this bug (or glitch?) happens, and you first take the reduced damage, and then full damage (which is unavoidable) as well
Especially with monstrous attack like Solar Beam, your Pokémon can be almost guaranteed to faint

And last of all, the worst bug I have ever seen
So, I had my Gyarados up, and he was at about half of his HP bar
Ho-oh starts using Solar Beam, and I IMMEDIATELY taky damage, even tho it should hit like two seconds later
So my Gyarados dies, Zapdos goes out against him, and then I get hit by the actual Solar Beam
So my best mon against an SB Ho-oh goes down almost as soon as he enters

I never paid much attention to these bugs, but I now see how devastating can they be on strong moves and Pokémon like this


I was just killing Ho-Oh on fake gps on my sec account, and yea, solar beam is basically Insta-kill. It kills you no matter what. Even when dodged, it still kills your pkmn

A helpful tip to avoid getting crashed out of Raids, is to shut down your Pogo App and restart it before every Raid battle.
Since we’ve started doing that in the family on all 4 devices we have not had a single crash out during a Raid (over 70-80 Raids since doing it) on any device (both Andriod and iOS).
I know we shouldn’t have to and that Niantic should fix the issue but if it helps not missing out on a good one I’m happy to keep doing it.


Do you know how many it takes to beat non sb Ho-Oh because i wonder if my group can defeat…

Hooh with SB will kill anything (expect Blissey and mabey snorlax) what got hit by normal attack 2 times

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5 people with levels around 35 and very good mons can beat up FB and BB Ho-oh, I believe that Extrasensory might actually be easier (keep in mind Fire Blast will still hit like a truck)

The one I caught last night I changed his charged move to solar beam, it originally had brave bird.

I doubt it will be doable with a level 34 a 35, a level 30, 2 level 29s, a level 25 and a 23, and a level 19
Especially when level 35 25 and 34 are only ones with powered up meta pokes and 34/35 have them level 30 and 25 has them around 24-26.5

Yes that is a group of 8 but lack of good meta Pokemon makes a huge difference…

As ive said, levels have to be around 35 and you must have very good mons to beat a non-sb Ho-oh

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In my city a group of 5 managed to take a non-SB Ho-Oh down. They needed a second attempt though with really concentrating. They were all level 36 and up.

My guess is that you need 7 high level player to take down a SB Ho-Oh.

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We told you a dozen times on the Hub guides: be afraid of a SB Ho-Oh! :slight_smile:


Fake gps huh. Big respect to you.

What do you mean?

Nothing to afraid :sunglasses:
Btw, we used two different tactics, and achieve same 3 damage.

i just gave up on dodging against ho-oh.i just use dragonite to counter this beast. my rock type mons such as tyranitar and golem sure are useless now.

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That a reason why my friend use RB golems

i also got no luck with raikou raid, i never managed to face any raikou with 1900++ cp. so sticks to my d9 for now.

After 70+ raids on raikou(very desired them), – my best – 1901 :rofl::rofl::rofl:
But i still power-up four of them, – they really awesome attackers, despite what say pokebattler, – they much more awesome and deadly.