Ho-oh in future

Friends I know some player which begins to play in 2018 they are have no chance to captured the oh-Oh which is strongest bird legendary pokemon. But who knows oh-oh return in future or not? If they return then before then legendary dogs also return.

Since Lugia came back, I’d say yes.

Yes bro is that possible because many player not captured them.But that not coming back alone before oh oh three legendary dogs are return and then oh oh is coming back.

Well the Legendary Birds didn’t come back when Lugia came back so I’m guessing it’ll come by itself.

If we see the pokemon serial in which they give Theo their meaning.First legendary dogs coming then if their is unity or silence on earth then oh oh is come this show in serial.so I thik they comes before oh oh.

How about Moltres in the Field Research?

Ho-oh isnt a legendary bird, if you meant that, and he isnt even the strongest (just for that terrible movepool with no fast STABs and weak charge moves)

I think that Ho-oh might even come back after [email protected] and before the Regis

I think so buddy but I wish legendary dogs are also come back in written because some which are my captured them ninatic have to give them chance to catch this beast.

Moltress is good but not more than also and articuno. I think there articuno is next rewards of field research.

I’m pretty sure Ho-Oh will be a return to raids much like Lugia. Probably after Eon Duo is finished before we get Regi-trio. Legendary dogs will probably get release 1 per month for research after birds are finished.

Nope, its Zapdos

Yes bro it’s zapdos

That means beast coming in July.

It may come back through Special Research Boxes also.

Edit : Field research boxes

Don’t you mean Field Research?


It’s not important how they come it is important to come because many new player and some old also waiting for them.

But they are not mythical bro they are legendaries beast only mythical pokemon coming through the special research not legendaries.

It is important how they come because I know from trying in the past that all players in my town had no chance of beating Ho-oh in the time.

Yes bro we all are waiting for oh oh and dogs. But don’t worry they return one day we have to wait until that day.